How can I stream on the Smart TV? (only available in the suites, comfort plus room and superior room).

  1. Turn on the TV. 
  2. On the remote control you will find a blue streaming button at the top, press it (it is next to the YouTube button).
  3. You will now see a screen where you will be asked to connect to the given network or scan the QR code.
  4. Did you do this? In a few seconds your device will be connected.
  5. Once connected, you can easily stream your favorite apps on the TV. You do this by opening the desired app on your device (think of YouTube, videoland or another streaming app).
  6. By means of the streaming button in the app (this is the same icon as on the remote control) you can start streaming on the TV!
  7. Enjoy watching!

If you have any questions regarding the streaming, please do not hesitate to contact the reception. We are happy to help you.

Note: Unfortunately, due to certain privacy conditions, it is not possible to stream Netflix if you use an Apple product. This is however possible via Android!